What Healthy Snack Should You Try Next?

Wondering what healthy snack you should try next? Take this quiz and discover your next favorite snack option!

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2. How about berries?
Yes! No Potentially

Here are all the results with descriptions

Yogurt with Berries and Granola
You like a little sweetness in your snacks. The sweet yogurt pairs well with the tart berries and granola for texture. It's all good for you, but remember, nonfat yogurt actually has more sugar and is worse for your body! Opt for the regular kind and just eat less of it. Also, go easy on the granola. But don't be afraid to go crazy with the berries!

Protein Bar
You're not much for overly fancy flair. You're not into snacks that involve a ton of preparation! You don't have time for that! No, you want a protein bar. You want something with texture and nutritious delights that can be contained in a wrapper. It makes it easy to grab and go!

Fruit Smoothies
You like your snacks to be organic and homemade! You should buy some strawberries or other fruit you enjoy, mix them with ice and nonfat milk (or almond or soy if that's more your thing), and blend! Don't add sugar--just enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit. If it's still too tart, try adding a banana!

Apple Butter Toast with Bananas and Chia Seeds
Whole grain or multigrain toast is your healthiest bet. Never reach for the white or wheat! Spread some apple butter on it, add slices of bananas, and sprinkle with chia seeds. Pour a black coffee and say hello to a health nut's dream!