What Should Your Arabic Name Be?

Do you love Arabic names? Find out which Arabic name should be yours by taking our fun quiz!

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2. While standing in line or sitting in the doctor's office waiting room, do you start conversations with the people around you?
Yes, all the time Sometimes, if I'm in the right mood Never, I hate unnecessary socializing.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Arabic name is Ali! Ali is a male Arabic name that literally means 'high' or 'elevated.' You are smart, strong, and passionate about reaching your goals in life. Your career usually comes first with you. You can sometimes tend to be arrogant, overconfident, and afraid of asking others for help.

Your Arabic name is Amina. Amina is a female name meaning 'trustworthy' and 'faithful.' You are intelligent, sensitive, and devoted to everything you commit yourself to, whether it's your partner, friendships, work goals, or personal ones. You can sometimes come across as a bit shy or reserved until others get to know you better.

You are Caleb. You are a courageous soul who is not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You can sometimes be a bit of a hothead and should learn to practice more patience--and not jump into things without thinking them through first.

Your name in Arabic is Hana. You are graceful, eloquent, and refined. Your movements and speech inspire awe in most people and jealousy in the rest. You can come across as a bit of a princess/prince. You usually get exactly what you want without having to try too hard.

Your Arabic name is Jennah. Your name literally means 'heaven,' as you are a blessing that seems to come straight from the gods. As Jennah, you are pure, kind, and gracious. You are always thinking about others before yourself, which can sometimes be to your detriment. Though your intentions are good, you need to put yourself first, at times, before spending all of your resources on other people.

Your Arabic name is Kareem. Kareem is a male name meaning 'noble' and 'distinguished.' You are well educated and poised, and have impeccable manners. You have very expensive tastes and take great pride in your reputation. You can sometimes be a bit selective about the people you choose as your friends. Luckily, you have been able to make good ones so far in life.