What City In Michigan Is Best For You?

Where do you belong in the Great Lake State?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You've always seen the bright side of things and have always been an optimistic person. You see the good in everything, which makes you the perfect person to truly appreciate all that Detroit has to offer. There's so much richness here and you're just the kind of person who could really bring that out, because as with everything in life, you can look past the ugly and see the real heart of the city. You love to groove to Motown music, and Detroit is its birth place. You will soon know downtown Detroit like the back of your hand, and become acquainted with every park, bar and music center. You'll know the beat and flow of the city and you'll fit in perfectly.

Ann Arbor
You thrive outdoors. You need trees, grass and flowers, you need to be able to admire the beauties of Mother Nature, you need a place like the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 300 acres of nature trails and scenery, in order to really feel alive! But you're no introvert: you love hanging out with people, making good friends and having lots of laughs, which makes the college town of Ann Arbor, perfect for you. It's no wonder Ann Arbor often appears on lists of the best cities to live in the USA and you deserve only the best!

Grand Rapids
You enjoy trying new things and having brand new experiences. You're never afraid to try something different and you never back down from a challenge. You like an eclectic scene and sometimes enjoy a little chaos, all of which makes Grand Rapids the perfect place for you. There's a diverse and fascinating group of people living there, and with your outgoingness and love of making new friends you're sure to fit right in. So jump into the Grand Rapids, and let yourself be carried away into the fun and thrill of a brand new adventure.

You've always had the travel bug and love visiting different countries. You wouldn't be happy living some place long term that wasn't international. Dearborn has a large multicultural population, and so many parts of this city will give you the feel of stepping into another country. You love learning about new cultures, which you'll have no problem doing as you make friends with the international inhabitants of this city and visit the various museums dedicated to other countries. Life in Dearborn is always an adventure and with your free spirit, you will thrive here.

You've always wanted to be the city mouse one day and the country mouse the next. You love the feel and hospitality of a small village, but want the activities and social circle of a big town. Here in Lansing, that's exactly what you'll find: a city the moves at the speed of a village. You'll finally find the town that feels built especially for you, with its farmer's market and ballet theater, you have a bit of both worlds. You can enjoy culture and art, meet new people and partake of the local quirky brewing company. You've found the perfect place where you can rest and party, all at the same time.

You're an introvert, who needs a low-key and quiet town like Addison to make you happy. You don't like hurry and you don't want bustle. You enjoy taking your time, no matter what you're doing. You appreciate life and all the little things that make up your world. You'd enjoy taking a quiet stroll along Addison Millpond, maybe tossing a penny in to make a wish, then enjoying some ice cream at Robin's Nest, as you chat with the locals and build lifelong friendships. Addison town is quintessential small-town America, and it's here that you could really feel at home.