Which Holiday Character Are You?

Find out whether you're the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus with this quick quiz!

Tags: Holiday, Character, Personality

1. What's your favorite season?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Santa Claus
You're jolly St. Nick, the king of all holiday characters! You're a jolly persona who loves to give, give, give to those who have earned it but who is also unafraid to withhold affection from those who have not.

The Easter Bunny
Hippety-hop! You're the Easter Bunny, the legendary character representing Easter! You have a modest demeanor and prefer to keep to yourself most of the time, but you're generous of spirit and a great judge of character!

Love is in the air! You're Cupid, the idol of Valentine's Day. There's much debate about the origins of this cherubic character, but one thing is for certain: You believe in love, and you want everyone to find their perfect match!

A Leprechaun
It's the luck of the Irish! You're the most mischievous of holiday characters, but you're also the most widely misunderstood. You have a heart of pure gold (even if you don't always want to share it), and you enjoy entertaining others with your pranks and antics.

A Jack-O'-Lantern
Boo! You're the spookiest of all holiday characters, the Jack-O'-Lantern. Jack has been around since the dawn of Halloween, when celebrations included carved turnips instead of pumpkins! You have an intimidating way about you, but you're truly warm and friendly at heart.