What Should Your Signature Nail Polish Be?

Are you pretty in hot pink or kickin' it in jet black? Take this 'Signature Nail Polish' quiz and find out!

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1. What color can you find the most of in your wardrobe?
Pink Purple Red Black

2. Which word would others use to best describe your personality?
Driven Sweet Confident Passionate

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are bubbly, sweet, and pretty in pink! Whether it's hot, Barbie pink or a sheer, pastel pink, pink is your signature color, because it radiates your warm and friendly personality.

You are unique, creative, and full of imagination. Purple polish--whether it's a deep plum or a soft lilac--suits you, because it allows your beautiful spirit to shine.

You are a bit old-fashioned, but you know exactly how to be sexy! You love red nails, because they make you feel like an empowered woman who always commands the attention of the room. Red suits you, because it channels your inner sexpot, who's waiting to be seen!

You are a girl on the go and one who isn't concerned with looking girlie. You like black polish, because it matches all that dark clothing you wear, and you love how it goes with anything. Your beauty regimen is not your main focus, and you like a polish to match your busy lifestyle.