What Old-Money Family Should You Have Belonged To?

Families that have had big bucks for generations are called 'old money.' Could you have belonged to one of them?

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1. Do you think you are good at spotting a great deal?
Yes Not especially

2. Do you have many talents?
Yes Not really

3. Do you seem to be excellent at anything you set your mind to doing?
Yes I wish! ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

An Astor
Like the Astors, you are good at making smart business decisions and excellent deals. You know a good opportunity when you see one. You are also a lover of music and the arts. You seem to succeed at everything you try. Some might even accuse you of being a witch (like they did Sarah Astor) for being so excellent at your work. It is just hard for some people to believe one person can be so good! You would have been a great Astor.

A Du Pont
Like a Du Pont, you are a lover of the great outdoors and a fan of hunting and horse racing. You believe in being in control of your own life (at work and at home). You don't allow others to make choices for you, and while you are very proud of your family, there are a few black sheep you would rather not discuss. You would fit right in with the Du Ponts.

A Rockefeller
Like a Rockefeller, you are a fan of big business. Oil, banking, and industry in general, it is all good to you! You understand the power of investing, and you like being able to have a little influence in your community. While you may be very successful, you didn't just come by it naturally--you are smart and hardworking. You enjoy building things. You are also a believer in the importance of education, and you do what you can to support education in your community. You would make a perfect fit for the Rockefeller family!

A Rothschild
Like a Rothschild, you put family first. You believe that when your family works together, you are an unstoppable team. You have also had a lot of trouble with people telling rumors about you, none of which had any basis in reality. You are a private person, and you don't need or necessarily want people to know your story. You fit in perfectly with the Rothschilds

A Vanderbilt
Like a Vanderbilt, you love to entertain! You are a bit of a card, and you love having lots of family and friends around to enjoy life with. You also have a fondness for beautiful homes--the fancier, the better! To add to the romance of grand homes, you are in love with trains and traveling first class by train. You would make a great Vanderbilt family member!

A Carnegie
Like a Carnegie, you are proud to do what you can to help others. You believe in donating to charity when you can, and you believe that success is only good when you share it with others. In the same way you try to share your money, you are also great about making sure you share the credit for any success you achieve. You deeply understand that no person achieves greatness on their own and that a person is more defined by the things they actually do than by the things they say they will do. You would be a wonderful member of the Carnegie family.