What Kind of Georgian Are You?

Old south or mountain-lover?

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True Georgia Peach
You are a traditional Georgian. You love sweet tea, you don't take public transportation, you love football, and you'd rather make people feel comfortable and welcome then tell them 'what they need to hear'. You're happy when it's hot and sunny and you know how which fork to use first at a fancy dinner. You have class bred into you, but that doesn't mean you're boring; you just know how to fit in when the time is right.

The Mountain Variety
You are the Georgian that prefers to be in the mountains over the city or the old south down in Savannah or Augusta. People seem to miss how beautiful Northern Georgia can be with the Blue Ridge Mountains and temperate weather! You like a warm day, but high 80s are a bit much for you. You're pretty down to earth rather than one to lay on the southern charm.

Georgia Peach in Training
You might not like your tea as sweet as molasses or you might no live for football Saturday, but you do like your warm weather (just not too hot) and your lazy Sundays with the family or your friends. You're also not one to turn down a southern sport, you can golf or play tennis if need be and you might just win.

You're a halfbreed, sorry to tell ya. You may love football or a good barbecue, but you're not down with the old south that pervades most of the beautiful state. You're not happy in 80-degrees and sunny weather because obviously you're sweating, and you'd rather have a nice cocktail at a happening bar than go somewhere where everyone knows everyone and privacy is hard to come by. You're a little too city to be Georgia, even in Atlanta.

Just a Little Peachy
You might have a Georgian hint here and there, but you're really not a Georgian at all. You like to keep to yourself or your close friends rather than meeting new people all of the time, and you're more apt to be honest than give something a good sugar coating. Why bother lying? And 'y'all' can keep your 90-degree weather. You'd rather it drizzle than to be wet from your own sweat, thank you very much.

Not at All Peachy
You're not Georgian at all, sorry. Or not sorry because you're probably happy to hear that. You don't put on airs (what true southerners call 'hospitality'), you don't like to sweat through your shirt on a short drive across town, and you don't like your tea to taste sweeter than a donut. You prefer the convenience of city life and the autonomy of less friendly parts. You'd rather be friendly with your small group of friends.