The Dating Game: Can We Take You Home To Mama?

So, the big question is, can we take you home to Mama? Find out now with this quiz!

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1. Which of the following is your main life priority right now?
My family My friends My girlfriend or boyfriend My job or classes I have no idea.

2. How many times a week do you spend the night at someone else's house?
I'm NEVER home, so at least four times a week. Twice? Three times? Just once, maybe Zero

Here are all the results with descriptions

100 Percent 'Take You Home to Mama' Material
You are a catch--a dreamboat that any mama would be thrilled to welcome into her home. Congratulations, we can take you home to Mama any day!

75 Percent Ready to Meet Mama
You are almost ready to meet Mama; you just need to want it. You're still in the phase of life where you're having a bit too much fun and aren't really ready to settle down just yet. We give you another month or two of good times, and then we'll take you home to Mama!

50 Percent Ready to Meet Mama
You are sort of unsure whether you want to meet Mama at all. You're in a stage of your life where you're having a lot of fun, yet half of you is starting to wonder whether settling down and behaving might be worth your time. Time to grow up? Maybe...

25 Percent Ready to Meet Mama!
You know you should settle down and be good, but you're having way too much fun! You are not really ready to meet Mama just yet. Perhaps wait another couple of years and then think about behaving, so we can take you home with us!

Not Ready to Meet Mama!
You are SO not ready to meet Mama! You are having way too much fun in life to stop what you're doing and settle down, and we can't blame you. You just do you. The time will come eventually when we can take you home with us without giving Mama panic attacks!