So You Think You Are An Oscar Expert?

And the Oscar goes to... Dive into the glamour of Hollywood and find out how much do you know about the Oscars!

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1. Welcome! Shall we start? How much does an Oscar weigh?
8.5 pounds 8 pounds 8.2 pounds 9 pounds

2. Was Clark Gable an Academy Award winner for his part in 'Gone with the Wind'?
Of course! No

3. What was the name of the actor who won an Oscar for his leading role in the movie 'The Lost Weekend' (1945)?
Ray Milland Howard da Silva Thomas Mitchell ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not So Much about the Oscars
Well, it could have been better--not even close to a nomination! You have to work harder.

Something about the Oscars
Well, you did your best, didn't you? The world of moving pictures is not your cup of tea, but that's totally fine too! You probably have many other interesting things to do.

A Good Deal about the Oscars
You're a nominee for sure! Keep your fingers crossed and watch the Oscars next year. Maybe it will be you!

Almost Everything about the Oscars!
Almost! You were so close to winning, almost like 'La La Land.' I know how you feel, but don't give up. You did an amazing job! Next year will be yours!

Everything about the Oscars!
And the winner is...YOU! Congratulations! You're now allowed to open the champagne (if you have some)! Cheers to your success!