Are You A Knight In Shining Armor?

Hey, guys! Want to know if you're a romantic hero? Test your chivalry factor with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Warrior
You are the rebellious bad-boy who effortlessly wins hearts. More of a dark knight than a savior on a white stallion, you are willing to break all the rules as you fight for your version of the truth. Your outside may seem to be dark, but inside, you burn with a fire that flickers with an incandescent flame and attracts others to you like moths to a candle. Will you light their soul ablaze as you embrace them or scorch their wings as a warning for getting too close?

The Lover
A passionate paramour of romantic fiction, you have a silver tongue and can sweet-talk anyone over to your side. You walk with your head held high--confident, self-possessed, and always optimistic. You know that no matter how abstract your vision or unattainable your desire, your charismatic charm will help you guide whatever (or whomever!) you want into your possession.

The Champion
You are not content to live a quiet life but are determined to make a difference and leave the world a better place. As a champion, you are prepared to sacrifice for the greater good and are not afraid to commit yourself fully to any endeavor you believe in. Whether it is a personal goal or a revolutionary cause--a lover, a friend, or a passionate belief--you will fight tirelessly until you triumph.

The Guardian
You uphold the traditional male role of guardian, protector, and hero. A true 'white knight,' you are always looking for opportunities to do noble deeds or go on a quest for the truth. But although you have a sense of adventure, you would never desert your duty to chase after short-lived passions, and those you love feel secure that you will be there when they need you.

The Provider
A logical and practical person with a strong sense of humor, you believe more in solid, long-lasting partnerships than the flickering flare of passionate desire. Your passion is helping others, and you are a natural leader and committed partner who is proud of providing comfort and security for those you care about.

The Best Friend
You love being around people and are in your element when telling stories or giving advice to a group of friends. But just because you enjoy being the center of attention doesn't mean you are seeking fame for your own gain. You don't share your ideas and offer your opinion because you want others to say how brilliant you are; you do it because you truly want to help others succeed.