How Much Do You Like Yourself?

Everyone has good and bad days, but take this quiz and we'll be able to tell you how much you like yourself.

Tags: Self-Esteem

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Yes! Your Best Friend Is You!
You are one of the most confident and stable people you know. No wonder you're best friends with yourself! You can spend hours (even days) alone without want of any other company. Some people might see you as a loner, but you know they just aren't as comfortable with themselves as you are.

Nah, You'd Rather Not.
You know what you're like as a person. And while you could be friends with yourself, you'd rather not. There are some things you still don't like about yourself. Maybe it's your temper? Or your inability to save money? Whatever it is, you gotta work on it. You're halfway to accepting yourself, so it's time to clear out those bad habits and get to loving yourself the way you are!

Sure, It Just Depends on the Day.
You like yourself better on the weekends than you do during the week. You probably hate your job but stick with it, because how else are going to pay the bills? But come Friday, you let loose and let your freak flag fly. Hopefully, someday, you'll be able to let loose all week. Find a job and friends that let you be yourself 24/7.

Sure, It Just Depends on the Season.
The acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder is S.A.D. That means you get sad during the fall and winter but let your mood soar during the spring and summer. You like yourself better when it's warm and sunny outside rather than cold and gray. But it's not fair to hate the cold and gray parts of yourself. Learn to accept the good with the bad and you'll feel much, much better about yourself.

Nope, You Hate Yourself.
You cringe every time you look in the mirror. If it's not your physical appearance upsetting you, it's your emotional disposition. But there's absolutely no reason to hate yourself. Whatever you don't like about yourself, it's entirely in your power to change it. And you should probably get on that. It's you who you're stuck with for the rest of your life.

You've Accepted the Good with the Bad, and You're Rolling with It.
You may not like everything about yourself, but the things you do like counteract all the negative. Whether you are working on the negative is entirely up to you, but if it's not bringing you down, then you're not really worried about it. You know you're a pretty decent person at the end of the day, and that's good enough for you.