What Is Your Russian Name?

If you were Russian, what would be your perfect name? Take our fun quiz to find out!

Tags: Name, Tradition

1. Do you get mad easily?
Yes No

2. Are you a popular person?
Yes Not especially

3. Are you kind to strangers?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are loved by many. You are kind, and you work hard to be a loyal friend. You are great at keeping secrets, and you work hard to never lose your temper. You are a good candidate for the name Anzhelika.

You love to have adventure and spontaneity in your life. You are not afraid to try new things, and you are always changing up your style. You are the perfect person for the name Vasilisa.

You are a very calm person. You are not easily excited or stressed out. You are very good at calming others down as well. You are also a strong believer in science. You love to learn about the human body and pride yourself on taking care of your own. You are a Galina through and through.

You stand up for what you believe in. You happily sacrifice for any cause you feel is right or just. You put your friends and family above all else. You are not greedy or concerned with material things. You are a perfect Darya.

You love to be in charge and are great at making and enforcing rules both at work and at home. You are the keeper of peace and make sure that things are as fair as possible for everyone in your life. You would be a great Vladlena.

You are a very spiritual person, and you look to your religion to help guide you through life's ups and downs as well to help make major decisions. You try to bring peace and love to all aspects of your life. You are a perfect Dominika.