Where Do You Fit Into Tolkien's World?

Do you dream of living with the Elves? Having a Hobbit hole of your own? Now's your chance!

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You crave peace and serenity--and for that, there's no place like Rivendell! When you descend into the valley of the Elves, you will have simple, natural food to nourish your body and hours of meditation to soothe your mind. You will also be surrounded by wise people who, like you, choose to focus on health and happiness instead of conflict and corruption.

The Shire
You crave comfort and warmth--and no one understands that better than the Hobbits in the Shire! When you move into your own Hobbit hole, no one will judge you for indulging in a life of good food and simple pleasures, like growing flowers and inviting friends over for tea. In fact, your neighbors will appreciate your sensible, cozy lifestyle and embrace you for it!

You crave adventure and freedom--and there's no better place to find that than Rohan! When you take your place among the Riders of Rohan, your saddle will become your second home. There's no telling where you might gallop off to!

You crave purpose and importance--so look no farther than Gondor! When you take your place among the valiant people of Gondor, you will be responsible for helping build and protect the nation's glory. Everywhere you go, you will be respected as one of the world's elite--just be prepared to keep earning the title!

You crave beauty and mysticism--and for that, Lothlorien cannot be surpassed. When (and if!) you find your way to the hidden Elven kingdom, you will be mesmerized by the beauty around you and tantalized by the secrets the Elves keep. Someday, if you truly fit in, you might even get to learn a few of those secrets!