What Type Of Woman Do You Attract?

Wondering what type of woman you attract? Stop wondering and find out for sure! Then you can alter it if you need to.

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The Materialistic, Superficial Woman (A.K.A. High Maintenance)
She spends your money better than you do. She knows she likes designer brands and knows you'll pay for them. Her closet is all the latest trends and handbags, shoes, and diamonds. Her makeup collection looks like a Sephora counter. And guess what? The minute you get in the way of her lavish lifestyle, you become a liability. Maybe you should try NOT leading with money?

The Artsy, Creative Type
She spends her time painting, drawing, writing, etc. She reads, and she makes a mean cup of coffee. She's Belle, and you're the Beast, and normally, that's just fine! The problem with creatives, however, is how tough their career paths are. Unless you find one who does something boring for a living but acts out her creativity on the side, she's going to be a mess of self-doubt and stress.

The Tomboy
She's more into sports than you are! She surprises you with game tickets and jerseys, and she's totally cool with having people over to watch the game on Sunday. She makes the meanest chips and dip ever, especially during Super Bowl. The downside? She dresses like a tomboy. It's tough to get around the fact that she would feel awkward in anything too tight, revealing, or girlie.

The 'I've Been Hurt,' Commitment-Phobic Woman
She's been hurt before, and quite deeply too. It sucks, because otherwise, she seems like she could be quite a good catch. She loves to hang out with you and makes your life shine brighter than anyone. But now that she's been hurt, she's wary. Are you a liar, a cheater, a mess of a man who will take her for granted? She can't go through that again.

The Down-to-Earth Woman Who Likes to Keep Things Simple
She is down to go out to a lavish dinner just as much as she is down to stay in pj's all day, with her hair up and a face mask on. She can drink; she can be sober; she can watch movies or play video games. Your friends love her; your family does too. And you? You're like best friends. The downside? It might often come off like she doesn't have a mind of her own. Is she doing these things to make you happy?