Does Your Appearance Match Your Personality?

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Or do you feel like an impostor?

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Smarter Than You Look
When people meet you, they see an approachable, carefree person. You blend in with the crowd, and you are always quicker to laugh and tease than talk about serious subjects. What people don't know is that you are quietly analyzing everything you see and forming your own opinions. You don't always show your smarts, because you don't want to make other people uncomfortable--but you've definitely got brains hidden behind your smile.

More Sensitive Than You Look
You've got the ultimate poker face, and you never show your weaknesses. If people think they can't mess with you, then they won't mess with you--right? While your tough front does keep people in check, you can't help feeling a little wistful for true friendship. You could be a total sweetheart if only you trusted people enough to open up. But even small disagreements can really hurt--what would happen if you let someone get close enough to disagree with you in a big way?

Richer Than You Look
You are attracted to alternative cultures, and you are the first person to say that happiness can't be bought. You certainly aren't a shopaholic. You are, first and foremost, a minimalist--and when you do buy things, you use them until they are literally falling apart! The unexpected twist? You've got a respectable nest egg in the bank! Maybe you've found creative success, or maybe your thrifty habits are just paying off. Either way, people would be surprised to see the money padding your old, beat-up pockets!

Poorer Than You Look
You've always had a talent for making a little go a long way. Your natural creativity and good taste mean that you always look picture perfect, even if you can't afford to shell out for luxury brands! When people see your attractive style, they'll automatically assume that you belong to the upper class. Actually, you belong in a class of your own!

Exactly How You Look!
You know who you are, through and through, and you have mastered the art of self-expression. You're never afraid to be true to yourself--in the way you dress, the people you hang out with, the hobbies you pick up, and the way you talk. People are probably attracted to your confidence and openness. After all, what's more attractive than a person who is comfortable in his own skin?