What Nebraska Landmark Should Be On Your Must-See List?

Nebraska is full of hidden treasures. Find out what Nebraska landmark really should be on your must-see list!

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If you have a great sense of humor and a love of history and cars, then you will love Nebraska's remake of the famous British landmark, Stonehenge. Carhenge is a fun and whimsical nod to the mystical Stonehenge. Your friends will have to see pictures to believe you that someone actually built this fun circle of cars! It isn't as mysterious as the real one, but it certainly is fun!

Toadstool Geologic Park
Travel 20 miles on a dirt road and take a mile-or-two hike, and you will be treated to an other-world type of site. These strange rock formations can make you feel as though you are on another planet. This is the perfect place for a quiet hike and some alone time. If you love primitive-style camping, you can set up your tent and enjoy a night under more stars than you may have ever seen!

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
This unique bridge crosses the Missouri River and is open only for pedestrians and bicyclers. There are beautiful views of the river and Omaha from the bridge. You can rent a bike if you would like, or you can just enjoy a leisurely stroll over the bridge. This is perfect for all ages, and it is--like most of Nebraska's attractions--free!

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park
If you are a fan of the Wild West and, even more, the legend Buffalo Bill Cody, you will LOVE visiting his home in North Platte. This beautifully preserved ranch offers insight into both Buffalo Bill and life on a ranch. The house and barn offer many informative highlights, and there are many events that you can participate in, including hayrack rides and Christmas caroling!

Chimney Rock National Historic Site
This amazing rock formation was once so tall that it could be seen for days by approaching pioneers moving west in their wagons. The sight of this landmark let them know they were halfway through with their journey and were quickly approaching the hardest part of the journey, crossing the Rocky Mountains. Courthouse Rock and Jailhouse Rock (cue the Elvis song) are also nearby and worth a visit.

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument
If you are flying down I-80, this monument will absolutely catch your eye as you approach and drive under this beautiful museum that bridges over the entire interstate. This museum documents the settlement of the Great West in amazing fashion, taking visitors from days where hundreds of thousands of buffalo roamed the plains, to the pioneers' journey on the trails west, to the development of the famous Lincoln Highway. This is fun for people of all ages and is surrounded by other fun attractions. You can make a day of it!