What Does Your Favorite Music Say About You?

Wondering what your favorite music says about you? Don't wonder anymore! Take this quiz and figure it out!

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1. Do you like to listen to music and kind of space out, just listen and chill?
Yes I don't get to do that very often. No

2. Do you have artistic pursuits, like photography and graphic design?
Yes Maybe a few No

Here are all the results with descriptions

Kind and Sweet
You listen to pop music, and you're all about love. You like finding the right words and being sweet. Awesome!

You love silver, black leather, and cat eyeliner. That's right, you're the edgy type, and it's no surprise that you listen to grunge.

You love indie rock, so it's no surprise that you're very artsy. If anyone is good with a camera, Photoshop, graphic design, arts and crafts, and writing, it's definitely you.

You listen to a lot of trance and electronic music, which means you're totally laid-back. You like to relax and listen without a care in the world!