Ancient Rome Quiz

How much do you know about Ancient Rome? Are you a novice or an expert? Find out with this fun Roman trivia quiz!

Tags: History, Knowledge

1. Which Roman king was an adopted son of a she-wolf and a woodpecker?
Julius Caesar Tullus Hostilius Romulus Tarquinius Superbus

3. What was the most common men's clothing in Rome?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Have a Lot to Learn about Ancient Rome
You are a novice at Roman history. Looks like there's a lot of fun and fascinating reading in your future!

Don't Know Much about Ancient Rome
But you do know something, and that's a start!

Have Passing Knowledge of Roman Life
You could brush up on your Roman history. You've got a good base to start from.

Are Very Knowledgeable about Ancient Rome
You're nearly a historian!

Are a Professor of Ancient Roman Antiquities!
Seriously, though, you know A LOT about Ancient Rome!