What Type of Games Should You Play?

What type of games should you play? Take this short quiz to find out!

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2. It's a typical night with your friends. What are you all doing?
Something adventurous Watching sports Hanging out and talking

Here are all the results with descriptions

Role-Playing Video Games
You are the imaginative and adventurous type. You would definitely enjoy role-playing games, or RPGs. These games take you to a completely different world, and you control the story. These games are typically very open-ended, so you choose your destiny. Whether you want to be the hero or the villain, role-playing video games are for you.

Recreational Sports Games
Since you love competition and like to stay active, you should play some recreational sports. These games let you focus all of your energy into an exciting physical game and make some friends along the way. Carry your team to victory like the leader that you are!

Board Games
You are a social person, and board games are a great way to bring people together. Everyone enjoys a good board game! Whether you are at home or at a friend's, play a board game and let the good times roll (along with the dice)!

Mobile App Games
You like to be entertained wherever you go. Mobile app games are perfect for you because you can take them with you! From solo puzzles to social word games, you can choose anything and play it anywhere!

Card Games
You like parties and taking risks, so you should play card games. You can entertain yourself with solitaire, or your friends can join in. You can even create your own game whether you're at a party or at home. You can gamble...but only if you're feeling lucky!

Racing Video Games
You love the rush of winning, but you just don't have the energy to crush the competition. You need something that lets you feed your inner winner while you feed yourself or your friends on the couch. Racing video games would be perfect for you!