Are You An Alpha Male?

Wondering if you're an alpha male? Find out now! Take the quiz.

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1. Are you comfortable leading?
Yes No

2. Are you comfortable following?
No Yes

3. Do you listen to others, especially if they're more experienced on a certain subject?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Alpha Male
You are totally an alpha male! You like to take control, dominate, and get your way. You know how to lead. You're stubborn. And you totally hate the idea of following anyone.

Somewhere in the Middle!
You're every bit an alpha male as much as any other alpha male, but you're not mean about it. You know how to lead and can be stubborn, but you also know that good leaders need to know how to listen to others. You like control but know when someone else is more experienced than you. In other words, you carry yourself like an alpha male and a gentleman.

Not an Alpha Male
You're not an alpha male at all! You're actually much more comfortable just following. You don't like the responsibility of leading anyone, let alone making a decision that might turn out to be the wrong one.