Age Quiz

Do you ever feel like you are older than your peers, or maybe younger? Find out your true age with this fun quiz!

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1. Do you consider yourself to be good-looking?
Yes Not especially

2. Do people annoy you quickly?
Yes Not especially

3. Do you like hanging out with large groups of people?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

In Its Teens!
You are not serious about much of anything besides what to wear the next day! You have few responsibilities, but you think you are always stressed. You still depend on your parents for a lot, and you probably care a little too much about what others think of you. Your personality age is between 13 and 19!

20 to 29 Years Old!
You like to experiment with your looks, your education, and your drinks! You love hanging out with friends and staying out as late as possible. You don't worry too much about saving for the future. Heck, you are just happy if you can cover all your bills each month and still have great clothes and going-out cash! Your personality age is between 20 and 29!

30 to 39 Years Old!
You love to decorate, host get-togethers with the neighbors, and be around kids. You like your job well enough, and you like earning good money even if you aren't living your dream. You like the thought of having a family of your own. Your idea of a perfect Friday night is having a few beers with friends or neighbors while watching kids run around. Your personality age is between 30 and 39!

40 to 49 Years Old!
You love saving money and paying things off. You like being a part of your community. You worry about things like skin care and food choices. You drink more coffee than booze. Your personality age is between 40 and 49!

50 to 59 Years Old!
You think about retiring all the time. You don't care about impressing people with your home. You just like to be comfortable, have money, and live your life. You dream about getting to go wherever you want whenever you want. You love seeing family and spending time with people you are close to but not hosting big parties. Your personality age is between 50 and 59!

60 to 69 Years Old!
You love to spoil kids. You don't worry much about living up to other people's expectations. You also don't worry about arriving on time or changing plans. You are super flexible. You do have your favorite habits, and those are the only things you are not willing to change! You like to play cards and visit with friends and family. You also like traveling to new places. Your personality age is between 60 and 69!