What Is Your Pirate Name?

Pirate names are always swarthy and fun! What would your name be if you were to sail the seas, looking for treasure?

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1. Do you consider yourself to be good-looking?
Yes Not really

2. Do you think you are charming?
Yes Not really

3. Do you hide your anger a lot?
Yes Not really ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Black Rose
You can charm anyone with your good looks, but you have a dark side that always helps you get what you want! Your pirate name should be Black Rose!

Timbers Switch
You have a silly side that never fails to take the tension out of any situation. The trick is, while they are laughing, you are going for the gold! Your pirate name would be Timbers Switch!

Barracuda Bart
You are everybody's friend. You know how to make people feel valued and cared for, but you usually have an agenda. You build loyalty because you know you will need it someday. Your pirate name would be Barracuda Bart!

Corky Sinker
You have some different ways about you. You always get things done, but you don't do things the same way others would. You always have your own approach. Your pirate name would be Corky Sinker!

Starry Seawolf
You are a dreamer. You believe our fortunes are already written in the stars, and you believe that big things are out there waiting for you if you just go after them! Your pirate name is Starry Seawolf!

Grifter Swindles
You really never are what you seem to be. You love getting what you want, and you think it is a game, trying to get people to just give it to you. You don't mean to hurt people; you just have your eyes on the prize. Your pirate name is Grifter Swindles!