Who's Your Historical Twin?

Find out who your historical twin is!

Tags: History, Twins, Personality

1. Do you know how to swim?
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2. How many languages can you speak?
One Two Four More than four

3. Have you ever broken a bone?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Joan of Arc
You follow your dreams--literally. Joan of Arc dreamed that the archangels gave her a mission, and she went on to defeat the English in game-changing battles during the Hundred Years' War. Even when all logic is stacked against you, you still trust your gut. You know what's right, and you aren't afraid to fight for it.

You're on the lookout for adventure. You love new experiences and aren't afraid of the unknown. Pocahontas translates to 'playful one,' and she was one of the first in her tribe to approach and befriend the English settlers. You are definitely the most playful in your group of friends. You never take anything too seriously, and you're the first to cheer up anyone who's feeling down in the dumps.

Hernan Cortes
Cortes is responsible for the annihilation of an entire culture of people. You're the kind of person who thinks that's a pretty epic achievement. You're intimidating and aren't afraid to risk your morality or your reputation for the sake of discovery and adventure. You want success, fame, and fortune, and you'll cut down anyone who stands in your way.

Nefertiti changed the game when she was the queen of Egypt by adopting a brand-new religion that focused on one true god, Athena. Like her, you're all about challenging authority. You're aren't afraid to take risks. In fact, the riskier the better! History never remembers those who were too afraid to try.

You want to learn everything, so you're always asking questions--even the questions you shouldn't be asking. You can step on people's toes, but you never mean anything by it. People should just stop being so sensitive. Aristotle traveled all of Greece to seek knowledge, and you live for the days when you can wander the globe and uncover all sorts of knowledge and experiences.

You see truth and love as supreme values, and you look for these values in everyone. You can be shy, but you're friendly and patient with people you disagree with. Gandhi believed that kindness was at the root of peace and understanding, and you greet everyone with a smile on your face. You'd rather listen than argue, and you will always lend an ear, even to the most obnoxious person in the world.