Are You Wild West Or Victorian England?

Find out if your ways of thinking and acting would make you a better fit to live in the Wild West or Victorian England!

Tags: Wild-West, Living

1. Do you get mad easily?
Yes No

2. Do you like large groups?
Yes No

3. Do you ever ask for permission, or do you take charge for yourself?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Wild West!
You are tough and don't shy away from a challenge, a fight, or really hard work. You care little for social graces and manners. You look out for yourself, and you never worry about making friends. You are a good fit for the Wild West.

Victorian England!
You are kind, polite, and formal. You love parties and visiting with people. You always care about your appearance and the appearance of your actions. You take care of your friends and family. You avoid conflict and never argue in public. You would be a good fit for Victorian England!