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A Practical Realist
You value what you can perceive with your five senses, such as plants, animals, tools, machines, and constructed things. If you are looking for a hobby, pick one you can do on your own. You are more at peace when working or playing with concrete things. Social groups and conversations that tend toward the theoretical won't be as fun for you as they are for others--unless they are jointly involved in working on something concrete with you, like planting trees, building a bridge, walking dogs, etc.

An Investigator
You're not necessarily a P.I. in a trench coat, mind you. You usually want to know the answers to things. You are driven by intellectualism and science. When something sparks your interest, you want to know how it works, why it is, and anything and everything about it. Keep it up! Pursue activities that are open-ended and not concrete so that you have room to explore. For instance, if you were into trees, you could join a conservation group that was studying the effects of river damming on the life cycle of willows rather than joining the group that plants trees in parks.

An Artist
It's not necessarily about oil painting or sculpting nudes. Being an artist is about expression. You have an inner need to express yourself in some way, whether it's through dance, music, writing, painting, sculpture, photography--whatever. You probably already know what your expressive vehicle is. If not, and if you're thinking there's no way you're an artist, then it might be through your storytelling, telling jokes, or simply always being the person with an original idea. Continue creating and expressing. Avoid repetitive or ordered activities as hobbies--they will bore you.

A Social Person
You live in the mind--not only yours but the minds of others as well. You don't have as much use for the concrete as you do the theoretical. It is easier for you to solve a problem by talking about it than it is to solve one by working with tools or machines. You are also a natural helper who wants other people to be whole and happy. Look for activities and pursuits that give you the opportunity to connect with other people. For instance, if you're into photography, then you would have more fun taking photos of people and animals than snapping pictures of architecture.

You're ambitious and energetic, and you're pursuing success in something--even if it's something small. You get a high from being a good leader, selling your ideas to people, and being respected. If you keep that in mind, you can find enjoyment in nearly any hobby or career. All you have to do is find the angle that propels you forward and showcases your natural talents so that you achieve a place of leadership in that endeavor.

You like everything to play out exactly as expected because you stuck to the plan. You value order and success achieved through goal setting and execution. You would find peace in a hobby or career that has building blocks rather than ambiguous activities.