What Kind Of Snow Are You?

It's a winter wonderland, and you're the snow! Which kind of snow might you be? Take this quiz to find out!

Tags: Winter

1. You're in an obstacle race, and you are approaching a snowy downhill slope. How will you get down it?
Leap! Saucer sled Horse-drawn sleigh Walk Snowboard RUN FAST

2. Which would you rather swim with?
Seals Mermaids Swans Dolphins Beavers Whales

Here are all the results with descriptions

Fo shizzle. But really, snizzle is snow mixed with drizzle. It is so excited to fall that it just can't wait its turn.

You don't know which way is down and which is up, but you don't care anyway! You want to float and drift and swirl in your whimsy and happiness!

Diamond Dust
You are pure magic. When illuminated by even the tiniest ray of sunshine, you sparkle and swirl in an enchanting dance.

You fall slowly and peacefully in a soft, light blanket of perfect, pleasant beauty.

You are a burst of sudden intensity, but you leave peace and beauty in your wake.

ZingBOOM! And white-blue brilliance lights EVERYTHING--not just the sky. That's you . . . quiet, quiet, quiet, MAJESTIC!