What Is Your Goth Name?

Delve into mystery and melancholy with a goth name. Lots of goths have a club-scene alias. What will yours be? Find out!

Tags: Goth, Mystery

Here are all the results with descriptions

Branwen (F) or Corbin (M)
Both of these names mean 'raven.' Beautiful darkness with an iridescent shine--that's you.

Annabel (F) or Edgar (M)
You are poetic and eternal.

Drake (M) or Ethelinda (F)
Drake means 'dragon,' and Ethelinda means 'noble serpent.' Fire is your passion and spirit.

Felix (M) or Catarina (F)
You're a slinky black cat. Besides being our favorite cartoon cat, Felix is also the object of the Creature's fascination in 'Frankenstein.' Catarina is the name of Edgar Allan Poe's cat.

Shadow (M) or Coraline (F)
You're a reader--and probably also a Gaiman fan. Both Shadow and Coraline are familiar with the world of shade.

Onyx (M) or Jet (F)
You're a gemstone--a black one.