Your Ideal Fishing Spot In Michigan

Do you know where the best fishing in Michigan is? Take the quiz to find out!


1. Would you want to go skiing on your fishing trip?
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2. How about doing some birdwatching on your fishing trip?
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3. Would you want to camp during your fishing trip?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

They have fishing in rivers. They have lighthouses and casinos. And they have camping. Manistee is the ideal fishing spot for anyone looking to have a more casual fishing trip where it's more about seeing the sights, spending, and sleeping under the stars.

They have lighthouses, fishing, parks, beaches, and lakes here. That means you can fish in the lakes, or you can fish in the ocean. You can also fish in a lake and then hit the beach, but fair warning: It WILL be cold. The good news is, you can always go hiking or biking in the parks.

Saginaw Bay
They have fishing, birdwatching, wetlands, and kayaking here. This is the perfect spot for the avid fisherman/woman who really loves nature and wants to be in tune with it at all times during the fishing trip. Throw the line, rest the fishing pole somewhere safe, and pull out the binoculars to watch some birds, like the cormorants. Once you're done fishing for the day, pull out the kayak and go exploring.

Yes, they have fishing, but at Grayling, they also have something a little more unexpected: cross-country skiing. Fishing, rivers, parks, camping, and somehow, skiing--it's awesome! And that means you can have a very unorthodox trip.