Lure Fishing Quiz

Do you think you're great at lure fishing? Find out for sure with this quiz!

Tags: Hobby

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Good at Lure Fishing
You don't know the first thing about lure fishing, because you've only ever fished with the most basic items, probably given to you by someone else or set up by a rookie store employee. Uh-oh.

Not the Worst at Lure Fishing
You know a bit about lure fishing, but it's not a lot. Still, because you know even just a little bit, you are ahead of those who know absolutely nothing. So take that! There's a bright side to everything.

Good at Lure Fishing
You know a fair amount about lure fishing, enough to keep up on a trip. Even experienced fishermen/women would feel comfortable fishing with you. Obviously, there's plenty you still need to learn, but overall you'd keep up decently.

Great at Lure Fishing
You are amazing at lure fishing! You probably fish often and teach friends and family a thing or two. For holidays or birthdays, people probably give you fishing gear too.