What Word Best Describes You?

Want to know what word best describes you? Stop wondering and find out now!

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1. Is your hair pretty normal, or is it brightly colored and cut differently?
I have awesome hair! I've done it before, but I'm too old for that now. No, mine is pretty normal.

2. Are you shy?
Yes Kind of. No

3. Do you manage stress well?
No Not always. No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

You know how to get results, you know how to manage time, be productive, and use people's best skills in the best ways possible. You understand that a lot more can get done with a team, and you know how to lead everyone in a way that makes them put forth their best work.

You are a nervous mouse, for sure. You stress a lot, pretty much about everything. Any deadlines, exams, events, plans, etc. Even planning what to do for vacation gives you anxiety. You don't even enjoy your lunch break!

You know exactly how to tackle problems head-on, and you aren't afraid to do it. When someone is being picked on, it's you who stands up. And when you're in a potentially dangerous situation, then there's no one up for the challenge more than you.

You're shy, and you don't like to hang out in big groups. If your friend has a get-together and invites people you don't know, you isolate yourself with the one or two other people that you DO know. Probably off in the corner somewhere.

You ruin every relationship you come across, and you're known for getting into trouble. Your friends often look at you with surprised looks, or expect you to handle the things they wouldn't even consider. You are always up to something grand, something exciting, and you don't really think about the danger involved. Ever.