What is Your Indian Name?

What is your name in this amazing Culture? Find your Indian name now!

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1. How often do you present yourself in ways that are very different from who you really are?
All the time. Only when I have to. Never. I'm always myself, no matter what.

2. If you make a promise to someone, how likely is it that you'll eventually break it?
I always keep my promises, no matter what Depends on the promise and the person I'm not good at keeping my word, to be honest

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Indian name is Saanvi if you're female, Araav if you're male! Your life's at its most interesting when you have a mystery to solve. You like action, suspense, and a bit of an adrenaline rush. You live loud and strong and are smart as a whip--good characteristics for an adventurer like yourself!

Your Indian name is Aanya if you're female, Vivaan if you're male! You were born to enjoy life! You exist to have fun and live to party. Even when things get crazy, you chalk it up to experience, good times, and good laughs. For you, life is about living, and your fun and vibrant way of life attracts many friends and interesting people.

Your Indian name is Addhya if you're female, Aditya if you're male! You have an exciting romantic life, filled with twists and turns. You'll do anything for your partner, even if it means losing them in the end. Now that's the sign of a true romantic!

Your Indian name is Aaradhaya if you're female, Vihan if you're male! You are very intelligent and rational, and love learning. You are also somewhat of an activist and enjoy getting people together for social causes, like political movements and justice.

Your Indian name is Ananya if you're female, Arjun if you're male! You are a strong person and quite a fighter. You aren't afraid of much and will go to great lengths to stand up for what you believe in. People can count on you to be there when they need you, and you're a wonderful friend to have.

Your Indian name is Pari if you are female, Reyansh if you're male! You are a free-spirited person and love your independence. You're creative, wise, and intuitive, and enjoy spending time in nature.