What Should I Study In College?

Ever wondered what you should study in college? Stop overthinking it, and take this quiz instead! The answer may surprise you, and give you a push in the right direction!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You love studying people, and helping them. More than anything, you like learning why people do what they do. The differences from person to person, how each individual processes information, etc. But beware, with a Bachelor's you can expect to land work in human services, but to work in medicine, law, or education, even social work, you need to go to graduate school.

Computer Engineering
You love computers, and you could probably spend all day in front of them. You prefer them to people, really. This degree allows you to go into design, hardware, software and systems. In other words, what makes up a computer.

You're all about eating a balanced diet, and you want people out there to know that it can help them too! Fad diets are your pet peeve, and you wish more people knew that a healthy body weight was possible if they just took the time to get a little more informed.

You're a wizard with words, you've read your fair share, and when tasked with writing massive essays, you're ready. You've been known to craft beautiful poetry, amazing stories, and enticingly captivating presentations. With this degree, you can pretty much do anything, even things unrelated to literature. Go into journalism, PR and marketing, become an author, become a copywriter, start your own business, or go into advertising, to name a few.

You could work in movies, you could work in TV, or you could start your own business. Film video for weddings, or shoot documentaries. Your choice. Aim as high or low as you want. This degree is great for film buffs, movie goers, and people who can easily name more than ten directors.

Study the living environment, everything from a molecular level, to the biosphere. You can even study genetics. And get a job in education or the government. Also, if you decide to go super niche, you can study things like marine biology, so you can spend most of your career in a lab, or out on the ocean.