Where Should I Live?

Are you happy at home, or do you long for the adventure of living somewhere else? Answer these questions and find out which exotic location (or not) is your new home!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

In the country!
You are a country girl or boy at heart. You value hard work, nature, and a slower pace of life. You want the privacy and quiet of fewer people around, and you are probably self-sufficient enough to make or grow what you cannot buy locally, or you simply go without the fancy things in life.

In the suburbs!
You do not like the hustle and bustle of the city on a daily basis, but you appreciate all the luxuries of city living with the quiet of living outside of it. You do not mind commuting an hour (or more) to work so long as you can come home to your house and yard with the white picket fence.

In a small town or village!
You are too social for country living and not materialistic enough for the suburbs. You like places with character and being able to walk to most things. You want to know your neighbors, and you like being in a big fish in a small pond. After all, you are always someone in a small town or village.

in a big city!
You want the bright lights, the variety, and the night life of a city. Culture and opportunity are important to you. You do not mind apartment living or higher living expenses because the trade off is having access to bars, night clubs, museums, concerts, and all the things missing in smaller places.

in a mega city!
You want your city to feel as if it is its own country, so a mega city is for you! All the culture, excitement and opportunity is a trade off for being just one of millions of people. Your city has to be so big that the entire world has to be represented in the population, art, and restaurants.

alone in the forest!
You would love nothing more than to never hear a neighbor or in fact see another person again. You love nature and doing things yourself for yourself. You want peace and quiet. You have no problem giving up the luxuries of civilization to be one with nature. In fact, you welcome it.