Who is My Alter Ego?

Everyone has a multifaceted personality. If we didn't we'd be pretty dull. But there's that one side of you that you only let out every once in while - your alter ego. So who is it? Find out!

Tags: Personality, Self, Psychology, Behavior

1. How brave are you?
Not at all Somewhat Very

2. Are you successful at seduction?
No Sometimes Yes

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sex God/Goddess
Even if you're shy and maybe a bit of prude, your alter ego isn't! Let him or her out on the town and sexy madness will ensue. Dancing on barstools, seducing strangers, and all manner of other risky risque behaviors!

Your alter ego can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Well, maybe not, but certainly your alter ego is brave, heroic, and ready to save kittens and battle injustice. Now you just need a superhero name to go with it!

Ooh . . . your inner being is dark, mysterious, and up to mischief! No matter how innocent you appear to be, when your alter ego comes out, it's time for the world to hide. Who knows what treachery you might be up to!

Lone Wolf
In real life, you're a social butterfly, but your alter ego would love nothing more than to hit the road and adventure on its own. Whether he/she is roaming the lonely plains, traversing remote mountain ranges, or getting lost in a crowd in the city, your alter ego wants to do it alone.

By day you're fun loving and laid back. But by night, you're the studious professor. Professor what is up to you. Doesn't matter. Whatever you're secretly working on is sure to wow the world. So what will it be?

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel and other Victorian fictional spies, your alter ego is of high birth, high speech, and high morals. Well, at least the morals on display. It may even, and probably does, have an accent and an affectation!