Almost 55% Fail This Southern Slang Quiz. Can You Pass?

Do you know your Southern slang? Why not take the test and see what score you really get? The answer may surprise you, but you can't say we didn't warn you!

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2. What's the one word everyone uses in the South?
Buster Sis Ya'll Hell Darn

Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge of Southern Slang
You don't know a single thing about Southern slang. It could be that you've never even been to the South. Whatever the case, let it be known now that if you ever plan on going, you're going to need to read up on things, do your research, and learn a bit in order to keep up.

Poor Knowledge of Southern Slang
You have very poor knowledge of Southern slang. You know a little, so at least there's something, but it's certainly not enough to get you anywhere in the South. If anything it's like one or two words that you know.

Passable Knowledge of Southern Slang
You're very much not knowledgeable of Southern slang. You know enough to have a conversation here and there, but not enough to really be considered knowledgable. The good news is that you can hold your own a bit, and that's better than most.

Good Knowledge of Southern Slang
You know quite a bit about Southern slang! You could hang out down in the South and get along quite well with the locals, using their own slang! Good job. You either used to live there, were born there, or you spent some time there, visiting often, right? Maybe.

Super Expert Knowledge of Southern Slang
You know a lot about Southern slang! In fact, you seem to know it all! You were probably born in the South. Or you're currently living in the South, and that would explain everything! You really know your stuff, good job.