This Impulse Quiz Will Reveal Your Greatest Inner Strength

Your impulses, or immediate gut reactions, can reveal a lot about what you are on the inside. This quiz will show you an inner strength that you probably didn't know you had.

Tags: Personality, Character-Trait, Strength

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2. Fast! Choose a sense.
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your positive spirit will guarantee that you will never stay down for too long. You look for the bright side of things, and you always maintain the hope that tomorrow will be better. . . and before too long it is!

You are a natural leader. People look to you for approval, and what you say matters. To use your powers for good and not evil, try to be encouraging and positive. Never underestimate the power of your words and example.

Fear can be paralyzing, but your hidden confidence gives you to the strength of mind and spirit to confront and overcome your sources of anxiety. You have a sense of worth that leads you to treat yourself well and make sure you surround yourself with others who appreciate you too.

You have the gift of foresight. No, you can't foretell the future, but you can analyze the past and present to make accurate guesses. What's more, you are inventive and creative. You dream big because you have the vision to see the possibilities.

You are like a balanced scale. You are neither gullible nor you close-minded which allows you to experience new things without falling prey to false schemes. This inner strength is necessary because without people like you the world would be in chaos.

You connect with people. You may talk with people heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, or you may even speak non-verbally through an art form such as dance, painting, or sculpture. The world needs people with your strength to build healthy families, friendships, and work relationships.