How Well Do You Know Southern Slang?

Get ready for some messin and gommin! We're going to test your knowledge of Southern Slang! How many will you get right? Test yourself with this fun quiz!

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1. What does 'gussy' mean?
Small fish Being grumpy Getting fancy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Must be a Yankee
You don't know very many of these words and phrases at all. Well, bless your heart, you should get to know some of them! A lot of them are actually kind of fun to use. There is really no better way to say some things than with some of these phrases!

Didn't completely strike out
You didn't pass, but that's okay, Sugar. You got a few of them right! Learn a few of these phrases and get to know the Southern vernacular. It'll be fun to pop out with some of these fun expressions now and then!

Did alright
You didn't ace the quiz but you didn't bomb it, either! You must have a little bit of Southern in you. Learn more of these phrases and you'll know better what's going on at the family reunion or when you're talking to the old folks!

Porch light is on!
And someone is home! Mercy - you got almost all of the right! You must be from around here or have folks that are. Go ask you momma and them what the ones you didn't recognize mean and add them to your Southern vocabulary!

Are just plumb SMART
You know all there is to know about Southern slang! You must have been here since you were knee-high to a grasshopper! Now skedaddle and go have some more fun seeing how many of your friends you beat at this quiz!