Which Baby Animal Are You?

Have you ever looked at the cute and cuddly baby animals that surround you and wondered which one you are most like? Answer these simple questions and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a puppy!
You are an extremely playful person, and you like to have fun. It seems as though your energy level doesn't ever go down, but when it does, your napping in an instant. You are also very loyal to those that are there for you when you need them. You probably have the same friends that you've had since you were a child.

a kitten!
There's a little bit of sass and attitude in you. That doesn't mean you aren't cute and cuddly, but you definitely have some spark too. There is a curious nature in your attitude, and you like to try different things, even if they get you into trouble once in a while.

a duckling!
For some reason, you're a bit of a follower. You find the strongest leader of the group and just kind of do what they are doing. It seems like when you try and wander off on your own; you get a bit lost. It's probably best if you just stay in line.

a fawn!
You are probably a bit clumsy and unstable on your feet. You try to do things for yourself, but you fall down a lot. That's okay though. You just need to get back up and keep trying. You'll get there!

a joey!
Homebody is the word that best describes you. We can bet that your best friend is your mom. There's a good chance that you're never going to move out of your parent's house. Hey, if it works for you, go for it.

a calf!
In the beginning, you were a little rocky, but it hasn't taken you long to get stronger and figure out your place in the world. You like to stick with a regular schedule because it makes life easier for you.