What to Read?

Stumped by the offerings on the bookshelf? Don't know what to read next? Let us help! Take this quiz and find out what you should read next. We'll point you to a genre that will suit your mood!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Gothic mystery
You need to shroud yourself in the mists and fogs of a good mystery. Perhaps a murder in a castle, or a ghost on the moors, or even a tweeny vampire story. Whatever it is, stay up late and read by candlelight or curl up by a rainy window.

You are just itching for something to do. You want to shake up your life a little and forge ahead on some new adventure great or small. So, pick up a book on the very next thing that intrigues. Maybe you'll find a new passion or discover things you never knew. Who knows?

Mad cap comedy
You need to read something HILARIOUS. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter. However, a memoir or a funny story would work better than a book of a thousand jokes. Find out who wrote your favorite funny movie and see if they have any books!

Adventure novel
It could be a western, or a treasure hunt, or sci-fi - whatever. You long to break out from a humdrum rut so - take a look, it's in a book, a reading . . . Anyway, sail the high seas or saddle your horse and find an adventure novel that will take you to new places!

Super thick mystery
You know those paperbacks that are so thick you're surprised they stay together? Those. You need a complicated puzzle to solve and one of those intricate mysteries is just the ticket. Pick from horror, crime, supernatural, whatever. Just make sure it's thick. Oh, and being a bestseller wouldn't hurt either. Here's a tip - if the author's name is in a larger font than the title, the book is probably really good.

Love story
Notice we didn't say 'Romance'. Choose romance if you want to, but bodice ripping isn't the category we mean exactly. You need the feeling of the warm fuzzies. If traditional romance does that for you, great. If not, find a love story about a boy and his dog, or a woman and her struggling business - whatever. Just pick something that has love at the heart of it.