Which TV Should I Buy?

This quiz will force you to think outside the box(don't worry-not too much) to truly think about how much you engage in watching television. By the end of the quiz you will get a glimpse of what type of TV you should buy. Have fun!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Old school floor model
You are into antiques, so one of those old floor model televisions that your great grand mother used to have would be perfect for you. You are not looking for it to watch, but it would bring back a ton of childhood memories at your Nana's house.

Projector (TV)
You just built a new house and you thought that a movie room would be an awesome idea for your new home. So as you are searching for a new TV, a projector would be perfect for your new movie room. You will never have to go to the movies again.

Waterproof TV
Your bathroom is one of your favorite rooms in your house, if not your favorite. You really pamper yourself in your bathroom, so much that you have decided to add a television to it. So as your soaking in your Jacuzzi style tub you can now watch TV as well.

You like to see everything in the third dimension. Not only do you try and watch all your movies and shows in 3D, but you also play as many video games as you possibly can in 3D as well. So as you set out to make this purchase it only makes sense that would purchase a 3D tv.

Smart TV
You do a ton with your TV from watching it, to playing video games, streaming videos, music, and movies. You need a television that will allow you to do everything you want and some more. This TV should have multiple HDMI inputs, wireless capabilities, and built in apps. You want your TV to be an extension of your smart phone.

Small Average TV
You are heading to college for your very first semester and you need a TV. You do not need anything fancy, just something inexpensive that will turn on and off and allow you to watch it from time to time. You are on a budget and don't see the need to spend a ton of money on a television.