What Kind of Storm Are You?

Are you refreshing rain? Or a howling blizzard? Take this quiz to find out what kind of storm you're most like.

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1. What is your favourite household appliance?
My hair-dryer. My blender. My washing machine.

2. If you could choose to live in any kind of climate, which would you choose?
A hot climate. A cold climate. A temperate climate.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Always fierce, you are often quite beautiful. You can also be dangerous. People like to be forewarned of your arrival so that they can prepare properly for you. Luckily, you're rarely a complete surprise.

A real force of nature, you tend to be unpredictable. Sometimes people expect you to fly off the handle and instead you remain calm ' and vice versa. When you get really angry, everyone runs for cover. You love tropical weather.

Your emotions are tightly wound. When you get worked up, you increase in intensity until you practically explode. You love to surprise people, while they prefer to stay well out of your way. Except for those few who actually chase YOU! These are the people who love the magnificent chaos that you tend to create.

Even though people tend to run for cover when you come by, you can be very mesmerizing. Some people love your company; it's a great excuse to spend the day sitting by the fireside, engaged in soothing pursuits, like reading, knitting, and drinking tea. Some people even like to go out in you, especially when you arrive in hot weather. When you haven't been around in a while, people start yearning for you. Also: you have a green thumb.

You tend to be loud and boisterous. And you are rarely boring. You're all about action! You love a good light show. And great sound effects, too. You may be a fan of rock and roll music, or even heavy metal. When you calm down, everyone feels an eerie sense of release. You're quite charismatic.

Perfect Storm
You are a rare being. The circumstances have to be just right before you'll deign to show your face.Your incredible strength and intensity both impress and terrify those around you. People take one look at you and are completely awed. You are bigger and better in every way -- the perfect example of your kind.