What's Your Rising Sign?

This is a short quiz that will help determine your rising sign based on your personality. How others see you and interpret your actions has a great deal to do with your rising sign.

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1. Would you take up for a stranger that was being mistreated?
Yes, I try to go above and beyond for others I can be short tempered sometimes, so I stay out of it

Here are all the results with descriptions

Aries ascendant
Your rising sign is the Aries ascendant because you are an arrogant competitor. You tend to be argumentative because you want to get your point across and make sure it's understood thoroughly. You are a go-getter!

Gemini ascendant
You're rising sign is the Gemini ascendant because you love people, but you can be too harsh sometimes. You enjoy making sense of things around you, therefore, you are inquisitive. Sometimes you can be talkative.

Leo ascendant
You are a Leo ascendant because you love to stand out in a crowd. You take extra time getting ready because your looks mean everything to you. Although you are fun-loving, sometimes you overthink things in certain aspects of life.

Libra ascendant
Your rising sign is a Libra ascendant because you are a great listener. You often find the easy way to complete certain tasks, but as long as it gets done why does that matter, right? You generally try to be fair with everything and everyone.

Scorpio ascendant
Your rising sign is the Scorpio ascendant because you are powerful. Respect means everything to you. Privacy and secrecy means a lot to you, so being able to trust others is important to you. Others can trust you because loyalty is your strong suit.

Pisces ascendant
Your rising sign is the Pisces ascendant because you love fitting in with others even if it means temporarily changes something about yourself. You happen to be extremely creative and artistic. Your talents will take you far in the world.