What to Write About?

There are lots of writing prompts on the internet, but if you're looking for a broader scope, take this quiz! Match your mood to a subject and jump into a story!

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1. What is closest to the theme of your day?
Silence Thinking about what I should say or should have said Searching Play

2. What would you rather your book or story be?
Poignant Fun Thought provoking

3. Which do you like best?
Comedy Drama Dramedy Suspense ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Make solitude the base on which you build your story. Whether it's being alone in the wilderness or having the feeling of solitude despite being amongst the crowds of a city or even surrounded by a boisterous family.

You could go in many directions with this basis. This could be a redemption for a terrible act or a toxic demeanor, or some minor thing in which the search for redemption is comical. You could also come at this from a position of encouragement in which the protagonist is encouraging society, and individual, or a group toward redemption.

You choose whether it's drama, comedy, tragedy, or dramedy. Or, whether or not it's romantic, filial, or platonic love. This could even be about love between a human and a pet or between God and man. Be inspired and write about love!

Be careful what you wish for
That about sums it up, but the main idea is that you are ripe to write a creative piece with several elements and a good twist or two. Examples of stories in this vein are Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Lord of the Rings, The Handmaid's Tale, and dozens of fairy tales.

Astral projection
You're in a fantastical weird sort of mood so exploit and come up with a totally out there story about astral projection or some other supernatural phenomenon. Time travel is overdone and vampires are over, so start a new trend!

Self discovery
Use your own self-introspection as a guide to finding conflict for your protagonist and for brainstorming how he/she works through it to find a better way of viewing the world or their own personal bubble.