Can You Answer These Tricky Food Questions Every Human Should Know?

There is so much that people think they know about nutrition. There have been so many facts shared that counteract one another. This quiz will put those scenarios into realization based on your results. Will you know as much as you thought you did about food? Take the quiz to find out.

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1. Do you eat meat?
Only fish Only chicken Yes No Seldomly

2. How often do you drink soda?
I drink over 5 a day Never, actually A few a week Not sure

Here are all the results with descriptions

Eggs are not bad for you
You are one of those people that learned years ago that bad were bad for you and since then, you have been stuck in the frame of mind. Forever ago, we were told eggs are bad for you because they are high in cholesterol. Since then, people have discovered they are a great source of protein and separating the whites from the yolk make them an even better option.

Chocolate is good for you
Not all chocolate is bad for you. You are a chocoholic and any candy bar or sweet containing chocolate that you can get your hands on you will eat, but this is not the good kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate which is high in antioxidants can be good for you because it lowers the risk of heart disease.

All carbohydrates are not bad for you
You are a low carb diet warrior. The only thing bad is you aren't not getting the results out of it that you would like. Your plan is to eat a low carb diet and exercise, but you are always way too tired to do the exercise portion. Our bodies need a certain amount of carbs on a daily basis. They are the first source of energy to get burned by our bodies, so when you go on a low carb diet-you're basically cutting back on your body's energy source.

Just because you're a vegetarian, it doesn't mean you're healthy
There is a common misconception out there. There are plenty of people that think that just because you're a vegetarian or a vegan that you are automatically healthy. When in fact, both vegetarians and vegans still consume foods that are bad for them and they also over eat. Just because you stop eating meat, does not mean you stop over-indulging.

You can eat fats
A lot of people believe that in order to be healthy you need to avoid fats, but there is a such thing as good fats. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat daily to burn along with carbohydrates. In order to eat a healthy balanced diet, we need to be eating a certain amount of fatty foods every day. Now this doesn't mean you should be eating fried foods or your favorite sweets daily.

Protein is not the best source energy
Protein is not a great source for energy. Protein is great in building muscle and strength but not a good source for energy. That job belongs to dreaded carbohydrates. When it comes to fueling your body you should consider carbs and fats over protein.