What Type of Plant Would You Be?

If you've ever wondered what type of plant you would be, now is the best time to find out! Answer these questions and get your surprisingly accurate answer!

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1. In a relationship, are you more of a leader, or a follower?
I share the pants. I'm just very independent, so I don't lead or follow at all. I lead. I follow.

3. When faced with a tough situation, do you often need a minute to gather your courage, or pull yourself together?
Sure, who wouldn't? No, I just dive in. I definitely need a minute, maybe more than most. Quite sensitive. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Dracula Vampira Orchid
This Colombian native orchid resembles a bat in its shape, and is darkly colored... like a bat! It's the perfect flower to embody you, because you're unique, you love dark and twisted things, and you take pride in being deliciously 'quirky.' You're counterculture, and very much interested in all things obscure.

You are a classic. You're all about timeless pieces when you go shopping, you stick to the all-time favorite white and grey color palette for home decor, and you're never... not in style, despite not following trends. Yes, you're classic. You're good no matter how much time goes by.

Spider Mum
This perennial plant isn't as commonly known as others, but that's only because of its name. When you see it, it's instantly recognizable due to its long, thin petals, poking up in all different directions. And it embodies everything you are: artistic, colorful, complex, unexpected, yet familiar. You're always welcome everywhere, even if you're by far the most unique of the bunch.

Orange Lily
You're firey, full of life and passion. You are always the one to urge people on to follow their dreams and meet their goals. And in love, you're never one to let things cool down, or even reduce down to a simmer. Yes, you're the orange lily, always smoldering, standing strong, and commanding attention.

Pink Rose
When you think of a pink rose, you think of gentleness, appreciation, gratitude, and everything sweet. It's just like you! You're a genuinely kind person who does things for others all the time. You're likely involved in volunteering, or you do something in the medical field to help others. Maybe you just run a social media profile or blog that focuses on helping people with information of some kind. However you help, you certainly do. Rest assured!