Are You A Leader Or Follower?

A fun quiz that will help determine if you do better following others or leading them instead. Followers often settle for mediocracy and go with the flow of the crowd, whereas, leaders don't mind collaborating with others to make things top notch.

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1. When it comes to instructions-do you prefer them to be written or verbal from others?
Written Verbal It doesn't matter I don't care

2. A college friend asks you to ditch your night class to attend a block party, what are you going to do?
Party time Going to class Depends on my grade I don't know

Here are all the results with descriptions

'Yes man'
You do not have an opinion of your own, basically you live life by going along with whatever the alpha says that you are around at that moment. It is almost as if you don't have an opinion on anything.

Blind follower
You are not quite a yes man but you are not far behind. You don't necessarily agree with everything that told to you but you still won't question the order. You will follow all rules blindly, you will not break a law but you will do stuff you don't agree with because you were told to.

You are a great employee you show up on time and you do your job, from time to time you will voice your opinion on a subject and you will let someone know when you disagree with an order. But you have no desire to ever be in leadership.

You have worked hard to get to where you are, and because you hard work people respect you. They see that you are not scared to get your hands dirty and it makes it easier for them to do whatever it is you ask of them.

Natural born leader
You were born to be a leader. You are one of those people that know how to lead as well as follow. Even though you are a leader what makes you special is the fact that you always listen to your people. If someone has a better idea it is nothing for you to go with their idea.

President level leader
You were born to be a leader you have literally been groomed for this. Every step that has been made in your life is to set you up to be the best possible leader that you can be. You have had special training and schooling just prepare you to lead people one day.