Am I A Good Husband?

Have you ever wondered if you were doing a good job in your husband role? You can find out quickly by answering these simple questions honestly right now!

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A Terrible Husband!
When it comes to being a husband, you are doing a terrible job. We are surprised that you're even married still. Judged by your answers, you don't do anything for your wife or to improve your lives together. You better get to work!

A Fair Husband.
You're not a terrible husband, but you're not doing all that great either. It appears that you're putting in as little effort as possible just to keep your lady around. That might work for a while, but she's not going to put up with it forever. You may want to think about changing your ways.

A Reasonably Good Husband.
As a husband, you're doing a so-so job. There are aspects that your wife probably adores about you, and that's what she hangs onto. Looking past the things that you aren't doing so well isn't going to be easy for the rest of her life though. It's time to step up your game.

An Average Husband.
You're an average husband, and if you have an ordinary wife, that probably works out well for you both. You aren't each other's number one priority, but when you're together, you're happy. If your wife is expecting the best husband in the world status out of you, she's likely disappointed.

A Pretty Good Husband.
You just a few steps away from being the best husband. You do a lot to make sure that your wife and your lives are taken care of. There's a couple of things that you could work on, but there's no doubt that your wife is very happy.

The Best Husband!
If there was an award for the best husband, you earned it! There isn't anything you wouldn't do for your wife. She is the number one reason for your living, and you prove it to her over and over again every day. As long as she's giving you back the same treatment, you guys are going to be happy for years and years to come.