Am I Patient?

Are the picture of patience or are you completely exasperated with everything? Has someone told you that you're impatient and you disagree? Find out the truth with this quiz!

Tags: Personality, Character-Trait, Calm

1. How snappy do you get when you're hungry?

3. Someone cuts in when you're in line at the driver's license office. What do you do?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Man . . . you need to chill! You let things get to you far too often. Or, you could be surrounded by idiots. But, probably not. You probably just have higher standards than most people. But, if you keep your temper down you'll have a better life. Stop sweating the small stuff!

A little impatient
Sometimes you let things get to you. Well, let's say you let things get to you a lot. It's more often than sometimes. It's the little things too. Those irritations that get under your skin and make it crawl. Take a deep breath and let it go. Life's too short to be impatient!

You don't have more or less patience than most people. It's a happyish medium. You don't let anyone step on you but you don't lose your temper over stupid stuff either. You probably have just the right amount of patience.

So you are the virtuous patient person of legend. Good for you! You probably have a lot less stress than the rest of us. You must also appreciate a lot about every day things so that you have a lot of room for patience. We could all learn from you!

Patient as the grave
You're almost not even human. HOW are you so patient? Are you even breathing? Maybe you ARE a saint. Being overly patient might mean that you're getting stepped on a bit too much. There's patience, and then there's being taken advantage of. Be careful!