Am I Phlegmatic?

Yes, the word relates to phlegm, but that's so first century. A phlegmatic person sometimes seems weak but that's just because they want things to peaceful and for everyone to follow the rules. Is that you or do you have another temperament? Find out!

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1. Do you yell at people?
Yes No Rarely

2. Are your feelings hurt easily?
Yes No Only by certain people

3. When there's a big project to do, do you jump in and volunteer?
Yes I have on occasion No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Phlegmatics are low on energy and big on keeping the peace. Mostly because they tire of conflict easily. They don't display their emotions so they can appear calm or serious. They weigh decisions carefully. They are usually kind, prudent, and have self-control.

Supines are gentle spirits. They are people pleasers that always want to help. They are also what some might call sensitive. It's not hard to hurt their feelings. They love people and want to be around them and are especially loyal.

You may think that this relates to sadness, but it only resembles melancholy - it isn't depression. Melancholics are deep and reflective. They like facts and can be suspicious. They're introverted and often artistic in some way. They are detailed and strive for perfection. They can be moved to tears by compassion.

Cholerics are often alpha males. Females can be choleric but it's rare. Cholerics want to be king of the mountain and the best at what they do. They can be aggressive and dominant. They are more likely to make commands than requests. They feel that they deserve respect. Their form of encouragement is to challenge a person in the way that they would challenge themselves if they wanted to improve.

Sanguine personalities are carefree, joyful, and sociable. Most people are comfortable with them and enjoy being around them. They are huggers, extroverts, and have high energy. Despite the energy, they have a hard time completing tasks. They live in the here and now without learning from the past or planning for the future.

You have a blended personality. You don't match any particular one of the five temperaments exactly or even mostly. It's good to have diversity in temperament. You wouldn't want to be too much of any one of the five temperaments!