Fantasy Name Generator

Do you want a fantasy name? Maybe for a game or just because you want to live in another world inside your own head? Either way - take the quiz and get a fantasy name!

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Whiskey McCloud
With a name like Whiskey, you must be a no-nonsense character! You don't have time for any kind of shenanigans. You are all action and not a lot of useless talk. In fact, you would like this sentence to end so that you can get down to business.

Currie Cuttersnark
There's not a mystery that Cuttersnark can't solve. You have a keen eye for what's missing and what's just not right. You use your powers of deduction to sniff out what you're looking for. Sherlock has nothing on you!

Linseed Pastiche
They sing ballads about your ballads, write poems about your poetry, but they can never paint paintings of your paintings. That would be absurd. But then, you don't mind a little absurdity. It's what makes the world a beautiful place.

Amica Felicicious
You are a friend to everyone. There isn't a soul you haven't met and liked, or, were at least amused by. There is that villain in the next shire that you can't exactly say you LIKE, but you are entertained with his failed attempts to outwit you.

Ventus Starlight
With you is the origin of new thought. Your mind constantly swirls with newer and better ways of doing things. It was you that thought up the double-edged sword, and even better, how to market it to ogres and warriors alike.

St. River of the Tulip Cross
As you ride past the fields of barley and the peasant women washing at the river, you throw your velvet mantle across your shoulders and raise your head high. You have had victory in your latest quest and glory awaits you.